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IdaHealth delivers solutions that simply do not exist today.


IdaHealth delivers solutions that simply do not exist today.

  • Radial artery occlusion screening pre-PCI
  • Predictive detection of radial artery occlusion post-PCI and prevention of occlusions by pressure adaptation based on blood flow measurement
  • Workload reduction for the doctors and nurses
  • Cost savings by preventing RAO
  • IdaFlo TR works by non-invasive, accurate, and continuous real-time flow measurements of the radial artery
  • IdaFlo TR provides remote wireless, artificial intelligence and telemedicine capabilities
  • Preliminary results confirm proof of concept: larger studies are needed before clinical implementation
  • IdaFlo TR will allow clinicians to anticipate and overcome radial occlusions
  • IdaFlo TR has the potential to increase safety of TRA coronary procedures and to reduce workload

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